VivaVideo Pro Free Download For iPhone/iOS [2020]

VivaVideo Pro for iPhone iOS is the video editor application that adds beautiful animation, filters, voice-over, trim and other things. This application is available for both iOS and Android mobile phones.

The main problem is that you need to purchase it to use all its features. Otherwise, if you don’t purchase it you will see too many advertisements, cannot save videos in HD, not use all filters or animation.

But as we know that not everyone can afford that much money so this is the reason why they search for a paid version. This is the reason why I am writing this article because in today’s article you will learn how to download and install VivaVideo Pro for iPhone.

If you are an android user then you can find thousands of website which provides paid version but for iOS users, no website is providing the paid version.

I personally tried to search and install it on my iPhone but I failed. I saw many websites claiming for the pro version but they didn’t fulfil there promise.

But now as I faced these problems I don’t want to face other same problem as well. Keep reading this guide and you will learn the whole procedure of downloading, installing, etc.

What Is VivaVideo Pro


VivaVideo Pro for iPhone iOS is the best tool available for mobile phones which helps to edit videos and make slideshows.

This amazing editor will turn your normal videos into awesome videos because it has many features that help you in editing video as a computer. You can cut any part of the video, trim the video according to your need, add filters to make videos attractive.

If you are a vLogger but you don’t have a computer for video editing than this would be a great option for you. The voice-over feature allows you to directly record voice while playing the video.

Even though you can add text to show them the location, you can add music and do almost everything by using this single application.

With this app, you can also create stories for WhatsApp or Facebook status, make birthday videos. It has thousands of this which fit according to your needs.

The main feature is that you can now save your edited videos in 4K resolution and this feature is only provided by VivaVideo Pro. In the pro version, you won’t face any type of advertisement and enjoy using the world’s best video editor.

Features Of VivaVideo Pro For iPhone iOS

Features-Of -VivaVideo-Pro-For-iPhone-iOS

I hope you learned about this amazing video editor tool so now let me tell show some best features which you will get in the pro version.

Most people don’t know between the pro version and a free version so here is the list which you can see only in Pro version but not in a free version.

Here is the list of VivaVideo Pro For iOS Features:

No Watermark

The major problem which I face is that annoying watermark, whenever you edit a video with this free version. You will notice a watermark on videos as “Edited with VivaVideo”. This thing is very annoying and ruins all your videos but now in the pro version, you won’t see it anymore.

No Advertisement

If you ever used this editor when connected to WiFi or the internet you surely noticed too many advertisements there. These ads keep appearing when you move from one tool to another.

This makes it worst and with these ads, you cannot concentrate on your video editing. So, this problem is now solved as well you will not see a single ad on your tool after using this.

Unlimited Video Length

Have you ever used VivaVideo to edit long videos? If not then you don’t know that in the free version there is a limit of how lengthy videos you can edit.

In the free version, you can edit 5 minutes of videos only so if you edit 6 min or 7 min video you will not be able to export it. So, with this pro version, you can now edit lengthy videos and export them on your mobile without any issue.

Live Voice-Over

This is an amazing feature for all those who are doing vlog videos on their mobile phone. Because now you can directly play a video and do voice-over live by watching the video.

It is working like charm in pro version only if you are using a free version then you can only add music or pre-recorded audio-only.

Thousands of Themes

Are you editing a video for a specific purpose? But you don’t know what to do? Then these themes will help you in solving this issue.

You can get a variety of themes according to your need, it has Christmas themes, birthday themes, Winter themes and so on. Just download that amazing theme from the store and apply it to your video that’s it your amazing video is ready within seconds.

4K Support

The feature which you cannot see in any video editor is the 4k export. Yes, of course, this VivaVideo Pro for iOS can support the export of 4K videos.

Like in free video editor you can only get export support of 420p which is very low quality. So, now use this app and edit your videos in Ultra HD so the viewer can enjoy the video in 4K HD.

So, these are the features that you will get only when you have a pro version. Now let talk about some major feature of this application so you can decide whether this app worth it or not. Below are the features which you will get when you use them on your phone. You will get these features on both iOS or Android so there is no difference in both app versions.

Common VideoVideo Pro Features

  • Trim any part of the video if you don’t like it
  • Split your video and cut the part which you don’t like or don’t want
  • Make beautiful photo slideshow video
  • Edit videos in real-time and see preview there
  • Add Text/Emojis or other types of marks
  • Export Video to the gallery or directly upload to Facebook/YouTube/Instagram
  • Add filters in your video and make it more attractive
  • You can add music to your videos or do voice-over
  • Directly capture videos or take a selfie from VivaVideo Pro
  • Add them in your videos according to the Weather or Occasion
  • And many more can be discovered by yourself.

Download VivaVideo Pro For iPhone iOS [2020]

So, I hope you just loved these features of this amazing and simple video editing tool. If yes then finally your wait is over as I am going to provide a complete guide. Which you can follow to download this awesome editor on your phone.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. First, of all click on the download button which you can see below on this guide and then it will take you to the UserClouds website.
  2. Here you will need to turn off your adblocker it is enabled and then click on Slow Down in case you are not a premium member. If you are a premium member then you can download in High Speed.
  3. When clicking any of the buttons it opens another page and here you need to wait for the 5 seconds.
  4. After that timer completes again click on Download and it will open a window asking where to save the file.
  5. It is recommended to save the file at desktop so this will help us to find it easily at the time of installation.

That’s it you have now successfully downloaded this pro version of VivaVideo editor. Now move forward and read the below guide to learn how to install VivaVideo Pro on iPhone.

Install VivaVideo Pro on iPhone

Install VivaVideo Pro on iPhone

The installation process is a little bit changed because you need to have access to a Windows PC or Mac computer. After this you need to download another tool which is Cydia Impactor,

this is an application which used to sideload IPA files without jailbreaking. If you want to learn more about this then go here and download a copy in your computer: Cydia Impactor | A Complete Guide For Beginners

After downloading now follow these steps:

  1. Extract Cydia Impactor on the desktop by using WinRar, 7Zip or PeaZip (depends on you). It will create a new folder there, just open it and right-click on Cydia Impactor.exe and click on Run as Administrator.
  2. You will then see its Window so now just drag that VivaVideo Pro IPA from desktop and drop it into Cydia Impactor.
  3. This will then ask for the email of the iPhone you are using just enter it and then enter the password of that account.
  4. Now, wait for some time until app sideloads completes and then you can see the icon there.

That’s it the app is successfully installed on your phone but wait for the process isn’t completed yet. Because when you open it you see a blank screen or may face App is not from Trusted Developer. So, don’t worry follow these below steps to avoid this issue:

Fix Untrusted Developer Issue

  1. Close that application and remove it from Recents as well if it is minimized. Now click on the Settings button and then scroll down to Profile & Device Management.
  2. When you tap on it you will see all the installed apps and there Certificates. Scroll down until you see the VivaVideo Pro license there.
  3. Tap on the license and then click on Trust (VideVideo Developer Name) and it will ask for confirmation.
  4. Enter the passcode for confirmation and again tap on Trust.

That’s it the developer certificate is now trusted. Just go back to the home screen and then open this video editor now. Well! the app is now working fine that’s it!

This is the easiest way that you can follow to easily install VivaVideo Pro on their iPhone. Enjoy editing your favourite videos with more advanced features and export them in full HD.

Best Tweaked App Store To Download Viva Video Pro

In case you don’t want to use the above method than alternatively, you can try the Tweaked App Store. These are the store which can be used to download Paid Apps, Tweaked Apps, ++ and modified games as well. This type of store is the same as the official App Store but has many other features as well.

Here is some best Tweaked Store from where you can download this application:


It is the first alternative app store which has thousands of application available to download. With the help of this, you can get paid applications,

Emulators, Moded games and other apps that are not available on the App Store. This works without jailbreak on all the latest and old versions of the iOS device.

This app is completely free and you don’t need to sign in to your account in the App Store. It is Cydia’s best alternative store as it is used by millions of users worldwide. You can easily get this video editor from this and even though you will find other interesting editors there.

If you want to learn more about this then follow this link: Emus4u App Download on iOS [2020]

AppValley App Store

It’s also one of the best Tweaked App Stores, close to the Tutu Web. It’s a store that also allows you to download and install paid apps and moded games. It’s available for Android and iOS systems, but it’s better known for iOS as it offers jailbreaking tools for those who find it difficult to jail their devices.

It’s very easy to install and easy to use, just like the Emus4U. One of these store’s most common downloads is Kodi. This downloads the apps much faster than other App Stores, which is why AppValley is becoming more popular every day.

It has a very good UI that makes it easier for you to browse for the categories you consider your games, as well as a search box that you can’t find. AppValley is a shop you’re searching for because it has all apps which anyone needs. Check this App Store as well to get this editor or any other of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Read the whole article? Still, have confusion in your mind? Well don’t worry here is the list of some questions and their answers which I have collected from the internet.

You can read them and I am sure you will find what you are looking for. If not then simply ask in the comment section I will be glad to hear from you and help you out.

Q1) Does the use of the Tweak App Store void my phone warranty?

Of course not, if you are the older iPhone user than you surely know about the name called “Jailbreak”. This is the term used when people Root their phone and then they can do whatever with their mobile phone. Since the new update in iOS, it is difficult to get a Jailbreak. So, these apps work without jailbreaking so your warranty is still there don’t worry.

Q2) I faced the Blank Screen Issue with VivaVideo Pro? What to do?

There are many people who faced this same issue but the only possible solution is. Long touch on the VivaVideo icon and click on (x) to uninstall.

Now again go above and follow the same procedure of download and installation and then don’t open the app until you trust the developer.

Q3) Will Sideloading Apps from Cydia Impactor void phone warranty?

No, the warranty will not void by sideloading apps using Cydia Impactor. Apple has announced that your phone warranty will only void when you jailbreak it So, Cydia Impactor is just used to sideload apps, not for Jailbreaking.

Q4) Is there another store to use for downloading paid apps?

Yes, there are several other app stores available on the internet which you can use. Bu. I don’t know these have the pro version of Viva or not.

Even though I would suggest going for the Panda Helper as it has 1,00,000+ applications database. You can search on Google and then install it from there but if you didn’t find anything helpful. Then tell me about this so I can write a separate article on it.

Q5) Can I Download VivaVideo Pro on my iPad?

Yes, of course, you can use this app on all iOS running devices whether it is iPhone, iPad or even on iPod. This works on all devices and all iOS versions are supporting from 11 to the latest iOS 13.

Q6) My VivaVideo certificate revoked? What should I do now?

Well, this problem is not a big deal so don’t worry about it. Just uninstall the certificate and then remove the application from the home screen. Now again install the app by following the same process and then trust developers before opening the app.

Note: It is highly recommended to use a VPN service to hide your IP address and to avoid the certificate revoke issue.


There is no doubt that VivaVideo Pro is the amazing video editing tool used to edit any simple video and make it awesome. It is very easy to get a paid application for Android phones similarly it is hard for an iPhone user to get the paid apps. That’s the reason why I am here to help others so they can get all those paid apps free of cost.

I am an iPhone user for several years and I know the pain of not getting any paid apps free of cost. But now as I am here I will keep updating my website and provide my users with new paid applications. If you just loved this website then help me to grow this.

Share this article with your friends and family if they have an iOS device so they can get the benefit of it. Also, make sure to bookmark my website and keep visiting every week. I will update and add new stuff on a daily basis so you can get it before than anyone else.

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