Best Tweaked Apps Store For Non-Jailbreak iOS [2021]

Tweaked Apps Store is the third-party App store of iPhone/iOS. They are not like the App Store but they are very different because in the Apples Store there are many applications that are not available. You can find those apps in these Best Tweaked Apps Stores.

These type of stores doesn’t harm your device or they are illegal. They are totally legal and use can use them without any worry.

These Stores help you to Install paid applications and many other types of applications which we will discuss below.

What Are Tweaked Apps Store

Why Use Tweaked App Stores

The word “Tweak Store” means Extensify which means you can Install the modified apps without JailBreaking your device.

Or even you can say that it’s an alternative way to Jailbreak a device without any efforts. Because just like jailbreak these App Store can also help you to Install Moded Applications on your device.

These Stores not only download the paid apps but Instead of this you can also get the hacked games, hacked mobile applications,  plus apps (For Example, Instagram Plus, WhatsApp Plus, etc), and also emulators and so on.

By using them you can save a lot of money because if you need something from an App Store which is paid then you must have to pay for it.

But using these third-party App  Stores you can get the Paid Apps totally free without even paying a penny.

Why Use Tweaked Apps Store

Using Tweaked Apps Stores helps you to get extra features. You can download thousands of themes to customize your iOS Device also you can download a lot of modified applications like Twitter Mod, Snapchat Mod, Instagram Mod and many apps that are not available in the Apple App Store.

This App Store makes it easy to install paid applications for free, now you don’t need to pay for your favourite app.

This is also good for those who are interested in gaming because by using this you can even get thousands of Hacked/Moded games.

There is also a big benefit that many users are willing to pay for a jailbreak. So by using this Store, you can sell your iPhone in more money.

You can get the Tweaked Apps which helps you to customize your Device like you can change the icons, fonts, customize your notification panel, customized control panel.

Also, you can get plus apps and use their awesome features just like the android device.

Are Found Tweak App Stores interesting? Cool, let’s now talk about the top best App Store for your iOS devices.

Best Tweaked Apps Store for Non-Jailbreak iOS

Here is the list of some best and useful stores. Some of them I have used personally you should check them all because in some cases if you don’t find the app which you are searching for then you should search in other App Stores.

Tutu Apps

Tutu Apps StoreIn the first number of our list is the Tutu App Store. It is very famous around the internet and many users can trust this app blindly. This app works on almost all iOS devices smoothly.

It has a user-friendly UI and more features like, it can show you the free memory of your mobile, it enables you to delete apps in bulk, and more interesting features.

Tutu App Store basically is a Chinese iOS Store.  It was first released in the Chinese language only but when they saw too much response from other countries which cannot understand the Chinese language.

Then they lately update an English version of this app which other language users can use it easily.

Features Of Tutu App Store:

Here are some best features of the Tutu App Store. Read these features to know more about this and I hope you will love this app store even more.

It has lots of features but I am just sharing with you only a few which are most usable.

  1. You can download paid apps totally free from this store.
  2. It also provides you best user-interface so you don’t get confused about how to use it.
  3. This App Store provides you with the feature of Junk Cleaning. So, you clean all the unnecessary junk all at once.
  4. It shows your free memory on your phone.
  5. It also has a feature to delete multiple applications at once.
  6. You can download a movie box from here to watch your favorite movies anytime, anywhere.
  7. It offers you, emulators. You can use these emulators to Install android applications on your iOS devices.
  8. You can get the hacked mobile games as well.
  9. It is totally secure and it doesn’t contain any virus or malware.
  10. The best feature of this app store is that it has a Chart option where you can find the top trending applications.


appvalley apps storeSimilar to the Tutu App, it is also one of the best Tweaked App Stores. It is a store in which you can download and install paid applications and moded games as well.

It is available for Android and iOS platforms, but it is more famous for iOS because it provides the features of jailbreaking for those who find it hard to jailbreak their devices.

Just like the Tutu, it is very easy to install and easy to use. One of the most famous downloads of this store is Kodi. It Installs the apps much faster than other App Stores this is the reason that AppValley is getting more famous day by day.

It has a very decent UI it provides you with the categories you find your apps more easily also it offers you a search box to search the app which you can’t find. AppValley is a Store which you are searching for because it fulfills all the needs.

AppValley Tweak Store Features

Let’s discuss more beautiful features of this amazing App Store. I am writing some features which I liked more about this store but it has even more features which you can check by yourself.

  1. It is very reliable than most of the App Stores.
  2. It has a great user-friendly design which helps the user to find apps more easily.
  3. It provides the user with high-speed app downloading.
  4. You can receive a notification every time you receive an update for your App or game.
  5. You can download Millions of Paid Apps and Games Totally Free.
  6. After the update users don’t need to jailbreak their devices.
  7. It is a 100% secure and virus free Store.
  8. Users can download hacked games as well.
  9. It has two versions VIP and Free. In Free, you can see ads than in VIP it is totally ad-free and has some extra features as well.
  10. It has thousands of themes to customize your mobile phone.


iNoCydia/iNoJBThis is the other App Store of iOS which helps you to download tweaked apps and hacked games, plus plus applications that are easy to download and install.

You can use these tweaked applications to customize your iOS device, you can get thousands of modified applications from this store.

It is an alternative to Cydia, but these stores can be used without jailbreaking your iOS device. This app store is developed by the Cydia developer.

Because after the latest update in iOS it is almost impossible to jailbreak. This is the reason he created it so he can provide all the facilities to the users who update their iPhone to the latest version.

This is very smooth and stable it works on all the iPhones including iOS 12. This app store is recently renamed from iNoCydia to iNoJB.

iNocydia/iNoJB Tweaked App Store Features

It has too many new features that may be not available on other app stores. One of the newest and the best feature of iNoCydia is that it has a review box, which means users can comment on their review on a tweak.

This makes new users know more easily about the app. One who is new in this store can see the review of the app and decide whether it is useful or not.

Another thing is that it has a button to like or dislike an app. It is also very useful for newcomers you can also download the best tweak for you according to likes or by reading user’s reviews. Let’s discuss more features about iNoJB:

  1. It can be used in non-jailbreak devices.
  2. Users who are running iOS version 12 or above can also use this Store on their devices.
  3. Unlimited hacked games can be downloaded through this store.
  4. Users are able to comment on a review and like or dislike an App/Game.
  5. It supports fast downloading, you can download apps faster than others.
  6. Movie Box is also available you can now watch thousands of movies in Movie Box.
  7. It is a Cydia alternatives app store developed by the same developer.
  8. Easy user-interface and search box to find apps more easily.
  9. The user of this app store doesn’t require a Computer/PC to Install apps.
  10. It is 100% safe to use.


Emus4u Tweaked Apps StoreEmus4u is the other cool Tweaked App Store that lets you install your favorite games and applications which are not available in the App Store.

This app is totally free and it doesn’t require you to log in to your App Store account. It can Install moded applications without jailbreaking your iOS.

As the iPhone has updated its security patches and now jailbreaking is almost impossible then it is a very good option to use the Emus4u app store.

It is the best alternative Store in Cydia as it is used by millions of users around the world.

Emus4u Tweak App Store Features

There are many useful features of this App store. It has millions of tweaked applications. Its user interface is so nice and very easy to understand.

This app store has its own cache clear built-in which allows you to clear apps cache easier and faster.

This App Store doesn’t require you to jailbreak your device. It also doesn’t require signing up you can use it totally free.

Also, it doesn’t void your mobile’s warranty. So, feel free to use this Store and enjoy the awesome Applications for free on your iOS devices.

  1. This App Store doesn’t require you to register an account to download Apps.
  2. It has a built-in cache cleaner which is a good option.
  3. Your warranty won’t void after using this App Store.
  4. Download millions of Tweaked Applications.
  5. User-Interface is so nice and well developed.
  6. Easy to Install applications and find the apps that suit you the best.
  7. It has a report button to submit any issue using this app.
  8. No Advertisements.
  9. Trusted by App Store.
  10. It uploads the only virus and malware-free applications.


TweakBox Store For iOSIt is one of the most famous third-party Apps Store available on the internet. It has over 10 Million active users and over 5,000 tweaked applications that are available to download.

This Store consist advertisement and these are easy to skip ads you can skip the by simply tapping on “x” button on top of the right side.

The reason why it is famous is that it has various categories including, Tweaked Apps, Hacked Games, Flash Applications, and much more. When you use this app you can find why it is so much famous.

TweakBox Store Features

It has many features regarding performance as well as security. It has the biggest database and includes 5000+ apps that are ready to download.

This app store is very easy to use and installing the applications is also a very easy task. This Store doesn’t require you to jailbreak your device.

You can download flash applications from here those apps are not available in the app. You can download thousands of paid applications from this store without investing money.

  1. Download thousands of paid applications totally free.
  2. It has flash applications that are not available in other app stores.
  3. It contains an advertisement but these are not very annoying.
  4. There are about 5000+ applications are available to download.
  5. Uninstalling is also very easy.
  6. You can download the applications with just a few taps.
  7. It has a modern System UI which is very decent and cool looking.
  8. This store is very responsible and stable.
  9. Jailbreaking is not required. You can use it without jailbreaking your iPhone.
  10. Simple, secure, and reliable. Works almost all iOS versions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which best-tweaked apps store?

All the Stores that I listed above are the best and used by myself. But my favourite is TweakBox as it has thousands of tweaked apps including Snapchat++, Tinder++, Facebook++, and so on. The user interface is also very unique and simple to understand.

Is using a tweaked apps store illegal?

Of course, using any Tweaked Apps on iPhone is not illegal at all. Just in case they are banned from Apple Store this doesn’t make them harmful or illegal but they only don’t comply with Apple’s policy. So, feel free to use these applications without worrying about anything.

Do I need to jailbreak my iPhone to use tweaked apps?

No, jailbreaking is not required if you are using one of our provided Tweaked App Stores. These are the Stores similar to the iTunes Store that provides applications. But to use any of the downloaded apps from these alternatives you have to trust the developer license manually.

Tweaked apps Store is harmful?

Not at all, these are 100% safe to use but I cannot say this for all Stores. So, I only suggest you download and install the Store that I provided above. Because I personally test them on my iPhone and didn’t face any issue with them.

Are tweaked apps hacked?

No, these are not hacked applications but these are the modified version of official applications with some advanced options/features. For example, WhatsApp++ is the modded version of the official app which has many features like, Changing Theme, Hide Last Seen, Anti-Revoke, and many more.

Are Tweaked Apps Still Working in 2021?

Yes, You can use it right now in 2020, these stores or found on a lot of websites so you can download and install it on your iPhones device without being worry.


These are some best and the most famous Tweaked Apps Stores which are available on the internet. There are even more available but I choose them because they are the most reliable and have almost every application.

You should try all of them because if you don’t find any application in one Store then you should check in another Store.

These Stores works without jailbreak. Using this store doesn’t void your phone’s warranty because it doesn’t require jailbreaking. Use these stores and enjoy your favourite hacked games and moded applications as well.

If you find my article about Tweaked Apps Stores helpful, feel free to share it with your friends as well. Also, bookmark my website to get more new updates about iOS customization.

If you have any questions you can ask in the comment section I will try to solve the issue as soon as possible.

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