LendMyPhone 2 [Guest Mode] A Perfect Gift For All Jailbreak iOS Users

LendMyPhone 2 is the perfect gift for all the jailbreak device users. If you are like me who has personal files or apps which you don’t want to share with your friends or even your family.

Then this amazing application is the best choice for you because it enables the Guest Mode on your iOS device. In a Guest mode, you can now choose apps that you want to show to your friends even you can set a separate password for it.

This can help you to hide all the apps from your parents without uninstalling them.

The best feature is that even you can change the name of that app or even change its icon so that no one can open it. Unfortunately, this is working on all jailbroken devices, because when you jailbreak your device it allows you to do anything which you want. But in the non-jailbreak device, there are many restrictions that disable it to install such apps.

Enough intro, let’s now discuss further this Amazing LendyMyPhone 2 App

What Is Guest Mode

Guest Mode enables you to add another person to your phone. When you are using a guest mode you can then add other people and then choose which features that user can use.

For example, if you are giving the phone to your Son, or Nephew, or any kid to play games and you don’t want them to access your apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or any other app then you can just create another person and name it anything. Now you can choose which features/apps they can use.

It is available on android devices after the release of Android Lollipop 5.1. Currently, it is not enabled on an iOS device but after using my provided app you can be able to use it on your iOS devices as well. 😀

LendMyPhone 2 Features

Features Of LendMyPhone 2

As I have told you that LendMyPhone 2 enables Guest Mode for iPhone devices. But let’s now discuss the features of LendMyPhone 2 which you can do by using it. You won’t believe what this app brings for jailbreak devices.

Hide Apps

This amazing app enables you to hide apps from your app list. It is most useful when you are giving a phone to your parents or your friend. They won’t see that app icon on your home screen.

It is a very needy feature for someone who is using Facebook without their parent’s permission 😀

Rename Apps

The most beautiful feature is that you can even rename your applications. If you don’t want anyone to see the original name of the app simply change it. They won’t see the original name even in the apps list which can be located in settings.

Change App Icon

Changing the name is not as useful until you change its icon as well. If you change the name but when someone sees its icon then they can understand which app you are using. But by using this you can even change the app icon which makes it more anonymous.

Disable Notification Panel

You can now disable access to the Notification panel in several places. So, when you receive any notification then they also unable to see it.

Disable Control Center

Yes, of course, you can now even disable the control center in specific places. When you give your phone to the kid then they can’t access the control center and don’t make any changes in your device. Like enabling or disabling WiFi, Data, or any other thing.

Disable Multi-Tasking

Disabling Multi-Tasking allows you to see what others have seen and where they have gone when using your phone. This way you can catch them red-handed what they were looking or searching 😀

These are some best features of LendMyPhone 2 that were necessary to know before using it. You can explore its more features when you use it by yourself.

So, let’s now look at how you can enable guest mode in your iOS device using LendMyPhone 2

Create A Guest Mode In LendyMyPhone 2

Did you read about this app? Do you just install it on your iOS? Now you want to know how you can create a guest mode in your iPhone then you must check this simple guide.

In this guide, I will show you how you can use LendMyPhone 2 and set up a new user.

Step 1: First of all you need to install LendMyPhone 2 on your iOS device. (If you don’t have it yet you can buy it from Cydia’s Packix Repository for just $3.99).

Step 2: After that, you need to open it and it will ask you to set up a new user.

You’ll be asked a few questions to be added:

  • Profile Picture For Guest User
  • Specific User Name
  • A Unique Passcode

Step 3: Just tap on create the user and you are ready to go.

Step 4: You will see a lot of features listed there. Options which are included are:

  • Disable Notification Center
  • Disable Control Center
  • Disable Icon Layout Change
  • Disable Spotlight
  • Disable Multitasking Switcher

Also, there is an application hide option that can be used to hide apps installed from App Stores, or even you can hide System Applications.

That’s all this way you can enjoy all the features of this awesome application right on your iOS device.


If you don’t want to show your apps to your friends then this is the best app to use. LendMyPhone 2 is one of the best apps to enable Guest Mode on your iOS device. This app is truly amazing and is filled with more cool features.

Now you can give your phone to anyone without worrying that they will see your personal files or access your Facebook or WhatsApp.

By now it is only available for Jailbreak devices but the developer might develop another app that can be used for non-jailbreak devices as well.

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