Emus4u App Download on iOS [February 2020]

Emus4u is the iOS Tweak App store where you will find a lot of Tweaked and modified applications, moded and hacked games and many other things that are not available on apple’s app store. Instead of this, you can also download many of the apps which help you to modify the system UI. It also contains too many new fresh and exciting themes for those who don’t like the stock theme.

If you already use a jailbroken device, then you must be aware of the value of this application. In other cases, if you haven’t use the jailbroken device, then you will learn here what is the amount of jailbreak. Perhaps this application doesn’t require any jailbreak or any special permission.

Even though this works the same as the jailbroken device can do. For example, you can customize the look of your iPhone by changing the theme and customize the notification panel or control center as well. There are a lot more things which you can do, which we will learn below.

Why use Emus4u

As you know that in the latest update of iOS, they have changed a lot of things. Also, they improved the security, and it is almost impossible to jailbreak the iOS 12 version. So, after this update, many customization lovers don’t like this, and they start posting about this on the forums. To solve this problem, most of the developers contributed to this work, and the developer of Emus4u is one of them.

He made this app in such a way that it doesn’t require you to have a jailbroken device. This means that you can now easily customize the iPhone and get the modified apps on your iOS device without jailbreaking. Isn’t that cool? yes, it is. Because Apple’s iPhone comes with too many restrictions and its app store has banned so many useful applications as well.

So, in this case, Emus4u is helpful for you and you can then be able to download those banned applications. Also, those applications which are banned doesn’t mean they contain the virus. But sometimes it means that they are able to customize the iOS theme or have the moded games even plus+ applications.

Some Reasons to Download Emus4u

If you need even more reason to download the Emus4u then check it out this list. In this list, I have mentioned some best reasons why you should install Emus4u on your iOS device right now.

  1. It is very easy to download and use as well
  2. You can set up it easily and there are no special skills required
  3. This app store supports the iOS 6 to the latest iOS 12 version without any issue
  4. It has the simple and the user-friendly interface which helps you to explore things easier
  5. The developer keeps updating the apps and also add new apps as per user request
  6. This app store constantly monitor your application so that it makes sure your apps work perfectly fine
  7. Things are well categorized which make users to find desired application easily and can explore more apps of the same category
  8. You are not required to have Cydia on your iOS device
  9. It gives you access to most of the Tweaked, Modified apps or the moded games
  10. EMSU4u includes its own built-in video recorder.

Download Emus4u For IOS & Android

Download Emus4U

Emus4U Features

If you want to learn more about this awesome app store then you should check out this Features list. In this list, I have mentioned some most usable and the best features of Emus4U.

Here is the feature list:

Download Moded Games

With the help of Emus4u, you are able to download the moded games just like you do in the android. Moded games are those games in which you find all level unlocked, unlimited lives, unlimited coins/gems, etc. This was impossible to mod a game in iOS but after this App Store, you are now able to download these Mod games on your iPhone as well.

Download Premium Apps

If you are willing to download an app but in Apple’s App Store that application is paid. Then here is the best solution for you, with the Emus4u you are now able to download the Paid applications absolutely free. Yes of course now it is possible to download the Pro/Premium Application totally free with the help of this Emus4u App Store.

++ Applications

If you are an older user of Android phones and you recently switched to iOS. Then you must be aware of the ++ applications. These are the apps that are modified versions of some most famous applications like, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. But due to some reason, you cannot install them in iOS because of its high-end security. With the help of this App Store, you can now install your favorite plus plus applications on your iPhone without any issue.

No Jailbreak

Most of the iOS users know about the Jailbreak but if you are new then let me tell you what this actually means. Jailbreaking is a process the same as Root (in android) after you jailbreak your device you can be able to do whatever you want with your iPhone. But in the recent update of iOS 12 and the change of the processor make it hard to jailbreak the device. To solve this issue you are now presented with the Emus4u store which helps you to install all the Jailbreak applications which jailbreaking your device.

No Apple ID

If you don’t own an Apple ID and you also don’t want to make any then there is good news. Because this Emus4u doesn’t require you to have the Apple account to download the applications. It works totally different from Apple’s App store but also has more applications than that Store.

Tweaked Apps

Tweaked apps are those types of applications that are able to modify or change your iOS layout. For example with the help of the Tweaked application, you are able to change the theme of iOS. You can change the notification panel and the control centre of your iPhone as well.

Availability Issue

If you are curious to download the application which is not allowed in your country. Then your problem is now solved as with the help of Emus4U you are now able to download those applications in your iOS. Also, you will be able to get the premium VPN which helps you to use those apps absolutely free.

Bult-in Recorder

The built-in video recorder feature in this app store is really awesome and much better than iPhone’s own recorder. It records your videos in high definition and you can also able to choose the resolution as well. You can also customize the frame rate and many more cool and interesting settings are available.

Doesn’t Void Warranty

If you have already used a jailbroken device then you must know that Apple voids your warranty as soon as you jailbreak it. Now after using this app store, your warranty will never be void and you can charge your phone if it gets damaged. This is because of the warranty void due to the jailbroken device but if you don’t jailbreak your device then your warranty will not be void.


Are you thinking that this awesome App Store must cost you some money? Then you are wrong because this app store is totally free and it will never ever cost you a single penny. You can use it for the rest of life and you won’t be asked to pay for it.

Emus4u on iOS

To install the Emus4u on your iOS device you are required to have a pc for this. Because after the updates in iOS 12 you cannot directly install the application. In this case, you are required to sideload the applications with the help of Cydia Impactor which is computer software.

Let’s now move to the step by step guide to install Emus4u on iOS:

1. First of all, make sure to download the Cydia Impactor on your computer otherwise you won’t be able to sideload the app store.

2. After downloading it now you are required to download the IPA file of Emus4u on your computer as well.

3. So, right after you download all the applications now you need to place both apps at Desktop so you can navigate them easily. Now you need to connect your iPhone with your computer with the help of Data Cable.

4. When you see the device connected on the Cydia Impactor just simply drag and drop Emus4u.ipa in the Impactor. It will then ask you to enter your Apple Developer Account to install the application. Enter the email and password and then your application will be loaded within a few seconds.

Note: Apple Developer account is different from the normal Apple account. So, first of all, make sure to create a Developer account and sign in with your device with this developer account as well. If you don’t have one then you can create by going to developer.apple.com/.

5. Once the installation is completed now you need to open your mobile phone’s Settings and go to the General and then open Profiles & Device Management. Now look for the Emus4u certificate and then tap on it and tap on Trust.

6. That’s it you are done now you can check the application in your Home Screen and enjoy downloading all the tweaked and moded applications.

Please Note: The developer account will expire after the 7 days so when it expires you again need to follow the same instructions and make a new account.

Troubleshooting Emus4u

If you are facing some issues when using the Emus4u then here are some troubleshooting which you can do. These are some most common issue which almost everyone face. In case if you don’t find your issue here then please do comment I will try my best to help you.

Fix Untrusted Developer

The untrusted developer issue occurs when you open the application without trusting it. I mentioned this issue above in the installation process but if you missed it then let me tell you again.

1. First of all, you need to close the application and then open your mobile phone Settings. From setting now scroll down and open the General and now go to the Profile section.

2. Here you will find out all the installed applications and their certificates. Scroll down until you see the Emus4u certificate now tap on it and then you see Trust there. Click on the trust and then close your mobile Settings.

3. Now run your application again and here it is your app store is running without any issue. This is the same rule which applies when you install a new app from using this App Store.

Emus4U Cannot Connect to Installer Error

This is the most significant issue which almost everyone has faced. It occurs because of the revoked developer certificate of this App Store. There is nothing hard to solve this issue so all you need to do is uninstall the Store and then simply wait for 24-48 hours. Now after waiting 24-48 hours now again install the Store by following the same procedure, voila your app is working again.

Fix Certificate Revoke

The most famous and annoying error is the certificate revoked. As you know that Apple doesn’t like the unofficial applications just like this Store. Because they don’t want iOS to be modified or customized that’s why they keep revoking the certificates of such Store.

The solution is so simple so all you need to do is just download the best VPN from the App Store. Now use this VPN so in this way Apple never gets to know that you are using an unofficial app.

Solve White Screen/Blank Screen Issue

The white screen error mostly occurs due to a lot of caches in your mobile phone. So to solve this issue you need to follow these below steps:

  • Open your iPhone’s Settings
  • now go to the Apps and then look for Safari
  • Tap on Safari and then tap on the Clear Website Cache
  • Open the Emus4u again and that’s it you are done 😀

Grey icon on Home screen

Here is the solution to solve that grey icon issue:

Open Settings and then scroll down to the Apps section. Now again scroll down and look for the Safari there and tap on this. From there you need to tap on the Clear Website Data.

Now close the settings and check for the icon

Frequently Asked Questions

After installing and reading the full features of this application. Do you still have some questions which you are trying to ask? If yes then here is the most asked questions and their answers. I have collected these questions from the QnA forums and the Reddit. You can read it and find your answer there if not then simply comment on your question below and I will try my best to answer it.

Q)1 Can we use emulators on our iOS device?

A time before there was a requirement to have a Cydia on your device to download the emulator. This requirement is now fulfilled with the help of the Emus4u you can now download them without Cydia.

Q2) I am facing unable to download the App issue?

This error mostly occurs when you are downloading a ++ applications over the official one. So, please make sure to delete the official app before downloading any moded of the ++ app on your device.

Q3) I am unable to connect to the Emus4u server?

Don’t worry about it as this issue appears when the Certificate is revoked by the apple. So, you need to uninstall the Emsu4u and then install it again by following the same installation process above.

In another case, you need to wait for a few hours until a new certificate comes on your phone.

Q4) I am searching for an app but I can’t find it? What should I do?

If you are unable to find any application then there is a solution for it. You need to open the twitter and then request the developer there to add that specific app. In most cases, they added the application that you just requested to them.

Q5) My app just got crashed without any reason?

It is simple to come over that issue, so all you need to do is simply uninstall the app and install it again.

Q6) Can I use it on my iPod & iPad as well?

Yes, of course, you can use it on iPod and iPad both without facing any issue. The installation process is the same so don’t worry about it.

Q7) What to do when the application is not downloading?

Please make sure your internet is working fine and you are connected to the WiFi and its working.


At the end of this article, I will like to say that Emus4u is one of the best solutions for iOS users. You have not required a jailbroken device nor any type of special permission is required for this. Instead of this, it provides you with too many modified applications as compared to any other app store.

One of the best things is that they keep updating those applications so now you will never miss any update. The layout of this store is so simple that anyone could understand it without having any technical skills. Everything is customized in a categorized way which makes it easier to find a suitable application.

If you have just skipped the installation process then please make sure to check it before downloading. Because it won’t install like an ordinary app so be careful while installing. Also, if you are facing any issue please check out the troubleshooting guide where I have to write some most common issues and their solution.

If you like just like my work please make sure to share this article with your friend as well. Because share is the care and lets your friends take advantage of this great application. You can bookmark my website and visit it every week so you never miss any cool and interesting application just like this one.

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