Best Cydia Alternatives Works Without Jailbreak

Cydia Alternatives are those App Stores that allow users to install third-party applications and tweaks as well as paid applications which Apple’s App Store doesn’t provide you. If you are the old user of Cydia then you must know that it works only on the Jailbreak devices.

In the latest version of iOS update, there is almost impossible to jailbreak your device. Also, there are certain security issues when you jailbreak your iPhone.

This is why using Cydia Alternatives is the best option for those who want to take advantage and install tweaks in their phone without jailbreaking.

Why Use Cydia Alternatives

There are many benefits to use Cydia alternatives such as you now don’t need to jailbreak your device and take benefits of all the best features the same as Cydia. Jailbreaking devices will cause many security issues it installs the apps from an unknown source which may consist of viruses or malware.

This is the reason why iPhone updated it’s security patches and now it is not possible to jailbreak iPhone.

The benefits of Cydia alternatives are that you can customize your device by installing cool themes, you can download paid applications, and some apps which are restricted and not available for your country.

You can also download the best Tweaks and plus plus apps for iOS. These apps are not available on the app store and are restricted due to some security causes.

Best Cydia Alternatives List

Many Cydia alternatives are available on the internet. But some of them have a virus or not working properly. So, today I am going to share with you some best alternatives for Cydia. These apps are tested by myself this is the reason I am sharing it with you. Using these Alternatives you can install paid apps, moded apps, even hacked games and many more.

Let’s now move to the Cydia Alternatives List:

Mojo Installer

Mojo InstallerMojo Installer is the best alternative to the Cydia App Store. It is very old and trusted app store ever there are thousands of users who are using and enjoying Mojo Installer.

This store may not be much stable now but the developers of this store are trying their best to fix this issue. But if you are running iOS 11 then you can use this application without facing any issue.

Ok, enough info now let’s move to the features list.

Mojo Installer Features:

Mojo Installer comes with many cool features. But maybe in some device, it causes issues due to an update in iOS security patch but it is still working on many devices running iOS 11.

Instead of this, there are many features which you should know about this app.

  1. You can run Mojo Installer without using Cydia.
  2. This can be used without jailbreaking your device.
  3. It is stable in devices running iOS 11.
  4. Users can download a moded application from here.
  5. It has lots of paid applications to download for free.
  6. It is totally a virus and trojan free.
  7. This Store is a very user-friendly system UI.
  8. It’s different from the original app store, but not difficult to understand.
  9. This application is available in 5 languages.
  10. No wifi needed to download apps from Mojo you can use Mobile Data as well.


ZestiaZestia store was later known as X-Cydia. This is very popular among users but if you are new then you should also give a change to this amazing store. It is a very stable and smooth app you can use it almost every iOS version.

It has thousands of Tweaked applications/ Moded and Hacked Games and a lot of apps to customize your iPhone and iPad as well. Zestia provides it’s users thousands of paid apps from the original App Store which you can download for free.

Ok, now let’s move to the feature list of this amazing Alternative which you should read before installing it.

Zestia Store Features:

  1. You can use it without jailbreak.
  2. It has thousands of premium applications from the App Store.
  3. You need to create an account to use Zestia.
  4. There are many Hacked Games available for users who love games.
  5. You can install Plus Plus applications from this store.
  6. Users can add it’s personal data from anywhere.
  7. It is very stable and works on all iOS versions including iOS 12.
  8. The friendly user interface can help you understand it much easier.
  9. It supports fast downloading from the App Store.
  10. You can also download multiple applications at the same time.

App Even

App EvenApp Even is just another Cydia Alternative. It is also used to downloaded tweaked applications and moded games. App Even is also available for the Android and PC. It was first developed for the iOS and then developer built for other platforms.

It is very famous in iOS because it helps users to install moded applications without jailbreaking their iPhone device.

Enough intro, let’s dig some most useful features of App Even which you need to know before Installing it on your iOS device.

App Even Features:

  1. It is available for iOS, Android, and Windows as well.
  2. It’s most useful for iOS devices because you can download many modified applications from here.
  3. No bug is founded till now, it is bug-free and most stable.
  4. The downloading application is faster than comparing to other stores.
  5. They regularly add new applications in this App Store.
  6. User-Interface is nicely designed.
  7. The search bar is available to search for your desired app or game.
  8. You don’t need to subscribe to App Even to use it.
  9. All applications are scanned and virus free.
  10. Multi-App downloading is supported.


iModsAs the name describes everything iMods is the Cydia alternative which is used to download your favourite Paid applications. Also, you can download moded applications that are not available on the original app store.

It is very well designed and easy to use, it is divided into categories so users can find apps more easily without wasting their valuable time.

It is supported by all the iPhones, iPads and even on iPods. You can download and modify all iOS devices using this cool application.

Like the app? Want to know more about this app cool feature? Then let’s move to the feature list so you can know more about this app.

iMods Features:

  1. It has a well designed and user-friendly interface.
  2. Apps are divided into categories that are well decorated. So, you can find your app more easily.
  3. It allows you to download paid apps of the Play Store without paying money.
  4. It is supported by all iPhones, iPads, and iPods respectively.
  5. This can be used on devices without jailbreaking.
  6. Customize your iOS devices by downloading thousands of themes.
  7. You can find featured top applications by tapping on the category.
  8. It only shows you the best tweaks which are suitable for your device. It is useful when you don’t want to install the tweak and find it not-supported.
  9. Download hundreds of paid apps free.
  10. It is safe and secure to use.

Asterix Installer

Asterix InstallerAsterix Installer is an American #1 third-party App Store which is used to Install paid applications and paid games free. It is secure and very flexible and more stable than from others. It’s not created by a single Asterix Installer is a huge company that is always online to help you when you face any issue.

There are more than 10,000+ tweaked applications, + + applications, and paid apps as well as games are available and they are totally free and will remain free for the rest of life. This is very simple to use and works on all devices and all iOS versions respectively.

This is the info about the most awesome Asterix Installer. Let’s now discuss it’s features which will let you fall in love with this store.

Asterix Installer Features:

  1. The System UI is very well and beautifully designed.
  2. Its always free and remains a free lifetime.
  3. It is available worldwide, it doesn’t require any specific location for installation.
  4. Built-in Feedback helps you to ask for any improvements or give them a suggestion.
  5. It is not very difficult anyone can use it without watching any tutorial.
  6. It provides you 99.99% server uptime.
  7. 100% secure and virus free App Store.
  8. Many emulators are also available to download.
  9. + + Social Media apps can be downloaded from here. Which completely change the way to use the iPhone.
  10. Works with all iOS versions without any problem.


iTweakOSiTweakOS is a new App Store in the market. It is almost the same as the TweakBox but with different features. The reason why it is famous is that you can download hacked games as well as in-app purchases by using this Cydia Alternative. You can download many Tweaked Apps and + + apps like Instagram++, WhatsApp ++ and much more.

It also provides you with the rarest applications which other Alternatives don’t provide you it includes Provenance, GBA4iOS, etc. The best thing about iTweakOS is that it doesn’t require a custom certificate for every app. Which means you can now install an app without verifying it again and again.

This is just an intro let’s now look at the features which iTweakOS provides to its users. You may choose it behalf on other apps because it is much better than most of the App Stores.

iTweakOS Features:

  1. This can be used on all non-jailbreak devices.
  2. It is new in the market but it’s much better than others.
  3. It allows you to request the app developer to add the specific app which you want.
  4. You can get a push notification when you receive an app update.
  5. Users can download Hacked games and also buy in-app purchases totally free of cost.
  6. It has many rare applications that are not available on other Alternatives.
  7. ++ apps like WhatsApp++, SnapChat++, Twitter++ can be installed using this app.
  8. It does not require you to install the certificate again and again for each app.
  9. 100% secure and trusted by many people around the world
  10. It works on all iOS versions from 9 to 12.1 smoothly.


So this is the list of all the alternatives of Cydia which can be used on the iPhones without jailbreaking. I have tested many other Cydia Alternatives as well but I found these much more stable and most useful. This is the reason why I am sharing with you these awesome apps.

You must check all the above and find out which suits you more and then you can give a review about it in the comment box so others can find it easier to choose the right app.

If you find this article useful and helpful then share it with your friends as well. Also, bookmark my website to get the latest article update every time. I will keep sharing such best tweaks which will help you to customize your iOS device and also helps you to download paid apps etc.

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